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Il Club de la Nonna is the first cannabis club founded in memory of a beloved grandmother.
La nonna used to come to visit us every Sunday to cook for us and spend time with my kids, her grandkids. Every time she came, she took care of a small garden I had in my terrace, if you know what I mean.

She was very loving and caring and the garden looked very happy when la nonna came to visit. La nonna would ask me, not knowing they were marijuana plants, “what are these beautiful plants that smell so good?”

One day I saw la nonna suffering very much because of the arthritis so I decided to spice her food with some flowers. She felt much better, the pain was gone and she was in a very good mood.

Since then, everytime she came, she took care of the garden and she cooked her homemade recipes with the “beautiful plants that smell so good”. I was very happy to see la nonna so full of joy and the plants were too.

One day la nonna didn’t come to visit us, she had past away in her sleep. Il Club de la Nonna was founded in memory of la nonna, my beloved mother. La nonna who used to come to take care of the garden and “the beautiful plants that smell so good”.

If you wish to come, you must become a member of our club. Please, fill out the contact form below to request an invitation and follow the instructions. We reply on the spot, so don’t worry. If you come without an invitation you may be rejected.

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